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CM Punk talks Darby Allin’s best in the world promo, asked if he’ll be at AEW Rampage in Chicago



The latest Sunday Night's Main Event podcast was released today featuring an interview with CM Punk where he was promoting Starz’s Heels TV show that premieres this Sunday night.

During it, he was asked a few questions involving All Elite Wrestling. Of course, Punk has been in the headlines over the last few weeks after it was reported that he was in talks about an in-ring return with the likely landing spot for the former WWE Champion being AEW. The promotion has made some teases regarding Punk and sold out the United Center in Chicago for Rampage on August 20th. While Punk has been training, there's been no confirmation as to whether he's signed with AEW yet.

Punk was asked about whether he’ll be at the arena on this night. He noted that he’ll be in Chicago, but for a screening of an episode of Heels.

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“When was that? Let me look at my calendar. What did you say it was, the 20th? I think I might actually be doing a screening...this isn’t confirmed yet so I probably shouldn't be blasting this out everywhere, but we’re talking about doing a screening of episode three of Heels at an AMC in Chicago. That’s one of the dates that’s been proposed. So I hope to see everyone there.

On the July 28th episode of Dynamite, Darby Allin said in a backstage segment after the Rampage in Chicago announcement was made that he will be at that show and he dropped a “best in the world” reference, which most fans thought he was talking about Punk, who gave himself that nickname in WWE.

“Listen, best in the world, that could be anybody. That’s Bryan, right? That’s my assumption. I hear best in the world, I think Bryan. I think Darby Allin is great. I think everyone in the wrestling world needs to never do a dive ever again because you can’t do it better than Darby.”