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Dr. Britt Baker says a match with AJ Mendez is her dream match

Britt Baker is interested in stepping into the ring with AJ Mendez (AJ Lee) for a match.

Mendez was backstage at Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite with her husband CM Punk. Baker reacted to a fan on Twitter who reposted the photo of Baker and Mendez at the show by noting it’s her dream match. Baker responded with, “same.”

During her time with the company, Mendez held the Divas Title three times. She retired after working a six-woman tag team match on the Raw episode after WrestleMania 31. Since leaving WWE in 2015, Lee has worked on comic books and even wrote her own biography in 2017. She’s also part of the WOW Wrestling promotion relaunch.

Punk has previously stated that Lee wouldn’t be returning to wrestling due to her history of neck problems. Mendez recently praised AEW’s Serena Deeb by stating that she thinks Deeb is the best wrestler on the roster.

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