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Jake was asked if Vince McMahon was interested in running religious bookings:

“Yea, he wanted to do that big time. He told me if he wasn’t a wrestling promoter, he wanted to be running revivals and barnstorming the country.”

Jake talking about Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart’s WWF Title reigns:

“If the Kliq is going to take all the pats on the back for drawing the house, then you gotta take all the pats on the back for the numbers that are dropped. That’s where the proof of the pudding is. You can say that Shawn Michaels had a great run or Shawn Michaels was a great champion, but what were the numbers? You can say Bret Hart was a great champion. What were the numbers? They don’t lie. You go ahead and tell me what the numbers were and they go quiet. Hulk comes back and what happens? Numbers go where? Oh, there must be something to that.”

On the rib pulled on Sunny:

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“At the time, I think there were a couple of wrestlers that were both sleeping with her. I don't want to mention any names, Bret and Shawn, but it’s out there and well known." (Note: Bret and Sunny have both denied this, no one else has claimed this about Bret and Sunny)

Jake continued, "We went to Europe and she was on it and Shawn was pissed off at her for some reason. When you go to Europe, they send a chef with you and they cook for you every day. You know, they cook before the show, then they'll cook you stuff up for after the show. They'll make a nice little container for it. You just walk by and find your name and there it is. Boom, you're done. Well, Tammy picked up her food one night and went to her room and ate it. When she got to the bottom of it, she realized that somebody had taken her pasta and chicken out of the box and then put a great big turd in the bottom and then put the pasta on top, and she ate down to the turd. So of course the next morning everybody's like, ‘Man, that was some shitty pasta last night. The food's usually good, but that shit last night tasted like shit.” She knows who did it. They're the ones that are firing these barbs at her. 'Tammy, how was your pasta? I bet your pasta was good, though, right, because you like shit.’”

Jake was critical of today’s wrestlers not selling moves:

"What kills me is is they'll go out and do all these horrible fu**ing crazy unbelievable spectacular moves and nobody gets beat by one of them, but they get beat by the most vicious hold in wrestling, the schoolboy. I hate that. God damn I hate that, and shame on you guys for doing the school boy you lazy fu**s. Is your fu**ing ego gotten so big that you won't fu**ing get beat by the guy's best maneuver? That's what I want to get beat by. I want to get beat by that guy's best maneuver, not a schoolboy where it's an accident and I'm such a pu**y that I can't kick out. Give me a break guys. Get your head out of your ass. Have some respect for your fellow combatant and go out there and sell a little bit. That's my only bitch with these young guys. They don't sell shit.” 

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