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Jeff Hardy was supposed to have his next hearing on August 17th before the Volusia County Court, but it’s been pushed back for 60 days. He had his lawyers submit the request. He also waived his rights to a speedy trial in his DUI case after he was arrested in June.

As previously reported, Hardy filed a written plea of not guilty with the court in late June.

Hardy's lawyers noted the following in his motion to have the hearing pushed back, courtesy of

"Mr. Hardy is charged by Information with one count of Driving in Violation of Driver's License Restriction; one count of Driving While License Canceled, Suspended or Revoked; and one count of Driving Under the Influence (third offense). The State of Florida tendered discovery August 2, 2022. Undersigned counsel requests additional time to review discovery and compile mitigation."

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As of this writing, no new court date is scheduled, but it will likely be scheduled for either late October or early November.

Hardy, who has been suspended by AEW indefinitely and without pay, is currently in treatment.