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Konnan asked Tony Khan if Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) signed with AEW



On his latest podcast, Konnan said he wanted to book Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) in AAA and he asked Tony Khan if Danielson is signed with AEW.

Konnan said, "I will tell you this because I did ask Tony Khan. The only reason I asked him is because I wanted to use Bryan Danielson in AAA. I was like, 'hey man, have you signed Bryan Danielson?' He goes, 'you know I can't tell you that' and then I looked at him and I go 'bro, if that **** shows up in Chicago, that place is gonna melt' and he just smiled so I think he might have but he has not told me."

Although there has been no confirmation from AEW or Danielson, it certainly looks like he has signed. As noted earlier, people in WWE believe he is headed to AEW. WWE sent out a memo to let the WWE 2K22 game developers know that he should not be included in the game.

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The belief is that Bryan would be under a similar deal as Jon Moxley that allows him to also wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

There's no word on when he might debut for AEW but if CM Punk is going to debut at one of the shows in Chicago then it would make sense to hold off on Danielson until the show in New York City.