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Red Velvet reveals what moments led to her heel turn

AEW's Red Velvet recently spoke with Fightful to discuss why she turned heel and who helped her when she first came to AEW.

Red Velvet talking about the reasons why she turned heel:

“It took a turn when I got booed when I was going against Willow," Velvet said.

"That was the perfect time to pull the trigger. It wasn’t the first time I had gotten booed. It was, if I can count correctly, the third time I had been booed. The fans are honest, so you can’t be upset with that."

"It started off in Pittsburgh against Britt. It was bound to happen. Then it went on to Chicago with Skye Blue. Then the final strike was against Willow. We pulled the trigger there and Tony agreed that he thought it was time to go heel. After that, I didn’t really have a sense of direction of where I was going. I sat in the Baddie Section one day. I can’t give the exact answer of whose idea it was because maybe it could have been Jade or TK, but I don’t want to give false information. I just got put in the Baddie Section one day and it took off from there."

"It’s been great. I love being a Baddie.”

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Red Velvet talking about who helped her when she first came to AEW:

“Going into AEW, obviously Dustin is the head trainer. Dustin saw something special in me and took me under his wing. At the time as well, Cody and Brandi definitely took me under their wing. I think it all went uphill from there," she said.

"It was nothing that was planned. It was just perfect timing. Brandy had another adventure in her life. She got pregnant. I was grateful enough that Cody saw something in me to put me in that position. At the time, I was not signed with AEW on a straight All Elite contract when I wrestled Jade against Shaq. Just even being put in that position for him to have thought that I could hold that position in such a high caliber match was pretty nice.”

You can view Red Velvet's entire talk with Fightful below.

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