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The news about the big surprise on AEW Dynamite may have leaked early

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Some recent posts on the accounts of Mia Yim and Keith Lee have led to some Twitter detectives to do some digging because it's heavily rumored that Lee and/or Yim will be debuting soon on AEW Dynamite.

Yim posted a photo of herself with her husband that seemingly shows them on their honeymoon. The couple got married over the weekend.

However, as seen below, the "honeymoon" photo appears to not have been taken this week. In fact, it was pointed out that the photo may have been taken during an August 2020 vacation. Furthermore, Yim went live on Twitch on Monday and her hair color was blue and she appeared to be back home.

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Another fan on Twitter noted that Yim had her nails painted blue for her wedding but they are purple in the "honeymoon" photos. So, something seems off and if the rumors are true that Lee is close to or has signed with AEW then it means that he and possibly Yim will be showing up as surprises very soon...possibly as soon as tomorrow night in Atlantic City. If that is indeed the case, then they are two great pick ups for the company.