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During a recent audio show, Wade Keller gave a recap of what has gone in during the last few days following the aftermath of the backstage fight that involved The Elite, Ace Steel and CM Punk, and others. 

Keller acknowledged that Tony Khan is in a tough spot because Punk was considered his centerpiece singing a year ago and now he may have to cut ties with him. Keller also said that things seemed to be leaning towards Punk not returning whether it's Punk being let go and/or Punk not wanting to return. The feeling backstage is that he probably won't be back.

Keller said, "I'm almost willing to say [Punk is] probably done with the company. But I'm not super confident on that, because I just think there's so many moving parts on this story. But that's certainly where their leaning is right now, as opposed to he's totally forgiven and the others are gone. I think it's more likely Punk is gone for a variety of reasons. And I don't know if that includes insubordination in that Q & A or if it has to do with other aspects or if it has to do with Punk just wanting out now."

What Keller said lines up with Fightful reporting that Punk would have to "make major amends" to remain with the company. At this point, it doesn't seem like that will happen.

Last night on Dynamite, it was announced that Punk was being stripped of his AEW World Title, which would likely have happened anyway because he is reportedly injured. The Trios Titles were stripped from The Elite and Death Triangle were crowned as the new champions.

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Keller also talked about some of the issues that have come up this year because of the roster being so bloated. Keller said he has heard from some of the younger talent that feels unheard:

"On a recent podcast I did in about probably about a month ago, I think this came up like, there's only so many personalities that a manager can manage...There's only so many people, one person in management can really get to know enough to manage effectively. And I think we've reached a point where Tony's roster is just so unwieldy and I hear this from some of the younger guys, that they just feel ignored. They wish they knew what they were going to do when they showed up. They wish they had more of a way to talk to Tony. But they also understand the roster is so bloated. So there's so many wrestlers that it's unrealistic for Tony to just listen to everybody's idea and give everybody what they want."

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