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Warner Bros. Discovery is removing MJF from promotional spots and commercials

There is a bit of interesting news coming from the corporate side of things in regards to MJF. reported today that a source at Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed that an edict was issued to have MJF removed from commercials and promotional spots for AEW programming.

The word is that he is currently being edited out of any TBS and TNT spots where he appears and different footage is being used in his place. It was noted that as they make the transition, he may still pop up in some of the newer commercials for the time being.

Last week, AEW pulled MJF from their roster page. His merchandise was also pulled and he was removed from the intro for Rampage on Friday. AEW's social media accounts have stopped following him as well.

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Last week on Dynamite, MJF caused quite the stir with his promo about Tony Khan not paying him what he feels he's worth. His promo started out by mentioning the Warner Bros. Discovery executives that were in attendance.