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Ace Austin on working at Hot Topic, D'Lo Brown was going to be Trey Miguel's dad, Impact had World Title plans for Austin

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Tommy Dreamer interviewed former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Ace Austin on the "House Of Hardcore" podcast this week.

Austin talked about working at Hot Topic: “Here is a fun little tidbit. I still work at Hot Topic. I’ve been working at Hot Topic for almost 10 years. It’s a nice little side gig. They give me all the time off that I need. It’s an easy job and I get a sweet discount. They were always very supportive.”

Tommy Dreamer explains what the full angle between Ace Austin and Trey Miguel's mother was going to be: “You were going to be this sleazy character and you already hit on Alicia Edwards. Then you go to Trey’s mom and we wanted to go so far with this but then it got kind of sidetracked. My favorite part of the whole Trey Miguel’s mom (angle) was that he knows you are a scum bag and he knows you are hitting on his mom and you just want to bang his mom. It’s not really his mom, it’s all for television purposes. But you are being the ultimate scumbag. What I wanted to do and we were all gung ho for it but it sucks because in society we have to be so careful nowadays in professional wrestling. Trey would get mad at anybody, especially you, when they would hit on his mom. We wanted to make Trey’s mom like an old school groupie or rat and she was so super respectful to the younger generation, but what we wanted to do was have her come up to every older wrestler like myself and Rhino and be like, 'Hey Tommy.' We always wanted to have Trey backstage be like, 'Mom, let me introduce you to Tommy Dreamer.' She would say, 'Hi, It’s so nice to meet you', and then tell Trey to go to the car. Trey would leave I would be like, 'Hey Mrs. Miguel, how have you been.' She would say, 'It’s so good to see you again. I haven’t seen you since ECW? What was like, ‘97.' She was going to do that with everybody because we were going to tell the story of who was Trey’s dad. Then we were going to have all the older wrestlers be like, 'How long has it been?' She would be like, 'Oh, about 20 years or 22 years.' They would say, 'How old is Trey?' She would say, 'He’s like 23.' We would all be sweating it. Then she would say, 'No, it’s not yours or he’s not yours.' We were going to do this all throughout and it would be our ongoing storyline. Finally, the last person was going to be D’Lo. We would go through me, Don Callis and whoever else we would bring in. We had so many veteran wrestlers and then finally D’Lo is going to come up and say 'Hey, Ms. Miguel.' She was going to say, 'yea, Trey’s your son.' D’Lo would do the headshake and that would be the end of the angle.” So we all basically had sex with Trey’s mom.

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Dreamer tells us Ace Austin almost won the Impact Title on two occasions: “The first time, they said you weren’t ready. The second time was when Trey got hurt when he got that concussion. We filmed two different finishes with you and Wentz. I told Wentz from that performance we have a singles star in Wentz which was awesome because I was a big Rascalz fan. We were about to pull the trigger on making you the champ. We already put you with Fulton. It was all really contingent on if Trey was able to come back from his concussion. Trey coming back screwed you from being champion. If you ever see him again, you can basically blame him for you not being the champion. You were going to be the champ.”

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