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Gail Kim says fans will be surprised with the big plans IMPACT has for the company

Gail Kim appeared on this week's "Battleground Podcast" to discuss her IMPACT Wrestling history, on the progression of the Knockouts division, and her future with IMPACT.

Gail Kim talking about her history with IMPACT Wrestling:

"It's been 20 years and I think I've been part of this company 15 years now out of that 20. I've seen every up and down, and more than anything, we've had different management. But we've always stayed together," Kim said.

"We've always tried to put out the best wrestling show period. The talent has always been almost like a family. We really sometimes are the underdog. We just want to show what we can do, and IMPACT Wrestling has always given us that platform."

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On how far the Knockouts division has come over the years:

"Look how far the Knockouts have come. We've created a women's division that has been going strong and has been a cornerstone of this company. When I entered this company, there were, I think, four or five of us. Now, we have about 20 girls who are all participating on the show," she shared.

On what her future in IMPACT is:

"I think everyone knows I'm very loyal and invested in this company with the women's division and everything on top of that. I just want to grow within the company and help it move into a new direction. I think the fans will be surprised because I think we have big plans in terms of where we want this company to go and just be more exposed to a bigger audience, and for everyone to enjoy what we all love and that's to see the talent, the incredible talent, that's on this roster."

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