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Madison Rayne signs multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling

madison rayne

Impact Wrestling announced today that Madison Rayne has signed a deal to return to the company, less than 24 hours after she departed Ring Of Honor.

Rayne's departure from ROH was due to unhappiness with her creative direction so she requested, and was granted, her release. Things were said to be amicable between her and ROH. PWInsider reported that Rayne pitched ideas to ROH but they were shot down. One of the ideas included a reunion with The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky).

ROH offered to bring them in but their idea was to have them turn on Rayne and then have at least one person added to the group. Mandy Leon and possibly others were considered as part of the new Beautiful People group. Rayne turned down that idea and then asked for her release.

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Rayne is said to have signed a multi-year deal with Impact. More signings are expected next week. Earlier this week, Impact announced that they've re-signed Fallah Bahh and Rosemary.