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Did Kenny Omega Really Knock Out Evil In The G1? Disco Inferno receives huge heat for comments about the spot

Kenny Omega and Evil recently had somewhat of a barn burner during the G1 in New Japan. Then again, pretty much everything Kenny Omega touches is magic (JUST DON’T TELL JIM CORNETTE).

During The Cleaner’s match with Evil there was a spot where it looked like Kenny knocked his opponent out cold. Cyrus wanted to clear up some speculation on a recent episode of Killing The Town and Lance Storm used this opportunity to discuss something on social media that really got on his nerves.

“First of all, so Kenny did not knock [Evil] out with the knee” Cyrus said. “So just to be clear and I think that what you’re hearing here today on this issue is something you will not hear anywhere else in wrestling. Whether it’s on [The Observer] or any other show on the Jericho Network or anywhere.”

“Because what you’re getting through my family connections with Kenny — what you’re getting is the real story about what really happened and obviously I’m in the know in Japan — I’ve got a network of stooges over there so for Disco [Inferno] to say ‘Kenny knocked him out’ is just not accurate. For Disco, and I thought we were done talking about him. For Disco to be making any comments related to the great Kenny Omega is — I don’t even know.” Then Cyrus went on to say comparing Kenny Omega to Disco Inferno is like comparing ice cream to horse manure.

Lance Storm added Disco Inferno was out of line with his tweet and to get joy out of seeing someone legitimately injured isn’t the mindset anyone should have. They said Disco Inferno was more concerned about being proven right than someone’s safety. We’re going to put some of the tweets Storm and Cyrus are talking about below so you can decide for yourself.

Storm continued by saying, “I find it infuriating that someone who for the most part was a song and dance man comedy character — and he admits that, he patterned himself off of the Honky Tonk Man, to be so outspoken against some of the highest level pro wrestling on the planet today. And to criticize a guy who’s busting his hump 10-11 days in a row doing pay-per-view main event quality matches. That even if [Kenny Omega] had knocked [Evil] out — and again you (Cyrus) talked to Kenny so you would know he didn’t — but even if he had it’s like — sh-t happens! When you’re working at that high level and you’re busting your hump every night it’s like it could happen and if it did it would be unfortunate but not the end of the world. We don’t have to go ‘well let’s stop doing strikes now’ — it’s just such an absurd comment and the fact that Disco seemed to take joy in the fact that ‘I get to be right – yay! You know, damn this great worker’ he’s just so g-ddamn ignorant.”

They said if you watch the match it is understandable how one could perceive Evil as being unconscious. But in all reality it was just part of the show. Still, that didn’t grant Disco Inferno an opening to gloat the way he did at the idea someone was legitimately injured in the ring.

As promised, in case you were wanting to see what Disco Inferno said to get all that heat here are some of the tweets in question:

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