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WWE star Mustafa Ali rips wrestler for allegedly choking women, faking injuries & backstabbing friends

WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali went on a tweeting spree on Friday morning and ripped on “Mr. 450” John Yurnet. For those of you that don’t know or remember, Yurnet appeared on an episode of 205 Live last December and it appeared that he got injured during his match with Ali. It was later revealed that Yurnet was injured at an independent show and the injury had nothing to do with his match in WWE. Yurnet worked on a couple of NXT live events last year and his 205 Live match was the last time we saw him in a WWE ring. I should note that he was never under contract and was brought in as enhancement talent. I think it is safe to say that the issues outlined below will keep WWE from offering him a deal.

Apparently, the issues between Ali and Yurnet go much deeper. In the tweets below, Ali rips on 450 for stealing one of his moves and for allegedly “choking women, faking injuries & backstabbing friends.”

The alleged choking incident happened during WrestleMania weekend. According to the police report, Yurnet allegedly told his girlfriend to get out of the room they were sharing and threw her stuff into the hallway. The report stated that “Yurnet took her to the ground and continued to strangle her while she was begging him to stop.” The police report also noted that Yurnet got into the elevator with her while she pleaded for him to leave her alone. He allegedly followed her to her car and then ripped off her drivers’ side mirror.

Ali wrote:

“Gonna start doing a move again I did back in like ’08 because someone I think very low of straight up stole it. I hope it drives him insane.”

In response to a deleted tweet from Mr. 450, Ali said: “The irony of this dude calling me a coward. Okay Jon Snow wolf pirate guy, stop doing my move. I dislike you.”

Ali continued:

“Taken from his own YouTube channel. Yo @MechaWolf450, what you end up naming it? The “lying lumbar kick”? But isn’t that me giving you..?”

In response to a tweet from a fan that mentioned that Mr. 450 allegedly tried to get WWE to pay for an injury that he suffered before appearing on an episode of 205 Live: “Hey @MechaWolf450 this fan has a question for you. Can you please answer it? I’m not involved whatsoever. Just passing along a question.”

Ali continued:

“No response from @MechaWolf450 …hmm. Well I’ll just be petty and RT everything during the day so he can be reminded of what I think of him”

“Maybe I’ll expose @MechaWolf450 w/ some stories about the wonderful things he’s done to other human beings! Winter is coming, ya mark.”

Ali also retweeted a link to a story about Mr. 450 being accused of choking out his girlfriend. That was not the end of it though. Ali continued:

“Hey Jon Snow, I mean @MechaWolf450 ..i mean dude who does a really bad 450 (more like a 425), you want me to keep going fam?”

“I always try to take the high road. But this guy (@MechaWolf450) has repeatedly done atrocious things to people and needed to be called out.”

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