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Matt Striker on Lucha Underground: It’s a comic book for adults

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground

Matt Striker spoke with Mike Jones of DC101 while promoting the season premiere of Lucha Underground this past week. Striker explained that the show is a like a graphic novel for adults. Striker added that he doesn’t think it's wrestling show but rather a TV show.

“It’s a graphic novel, it’s a comic book for adults. I think everyone remembers falling in love with wrestling in the first place, with Hulk Hogan, with Ultimate Warrior, with whatever you like. Now the adult in us can be entertained while the kid in us, you can’t deny it, that kid wants to be entertained too. It’s a fun television show, I don’t even think it’s a wrestling show, and that’s what I dig about it.”

Striker was asked about working with Vampiro and why they work so well together. Striker believes Vampiro is a weird guy but they just have good chemistry.

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“My broadcast partner is the strangest dude in the world. We walk up and down the street everyday and we pass strange people, but every so often there’s that one person where we just feel something vibrate off of them or we move away a little. That’s him. I just vibrate off of him and bounce off of him. I don’t know what he is but he’s really weird and also a special guy.”

You can listen to the interview here: