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WATCH: Alberto El Patron explains why he pulled out of AAA TripleMania



Earlier this week former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron (also known as Alberto Del Rio) announced that he won't be appearing at AAA TripleMania XXVI this weekend.

During an appearance on The Roman Show, El Patron revealed the reason for his pull-out was because he didn't like the way the company did business:

"I don't like how they are doing things in the business," he said. "We continue to see promoters take advantage of the talent. Thank God I am in the position where' I am able to say, 'OK you can do this, but you won't do this to me'. It happened with Triple A."

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El Patron continued and said that the promotion failed to pay him for the agreed appearance. After 'spoiling' him and pitching him a match for their biggest event of the year, AAA was apparently unable to fulfill their commitment to the veteran:

"They called me and found me and took me somewhere and spoiled me to see if I can do their biggest event of the year," El Patron stated. "Then, they never sent the money. They never came. I was supposed to fight someone and they were never able to seal the deal... They didn't fulfill their commitment with me."