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Young Bucks war of words with Daniel Cormier continues

UPDATE: It looks like things were smoothed over.

ORIGINAL: The Young Bucks have lit up the world's indie wrestling scene and merchandise sales numbers for a while now and although they naturally have their fair share of fans, there are also a few people who still just don't get them. Their style of wrestling might not be for everyone, but it's certainly entertaining. However, if you're in a sport that is centered around reality, it might be harder to understand their appeal.

Daniel Cormier and The Young Bucks haven't seen eye to eye for a while and it looks like their feud is continuing. Apparently, Cormier was talking about The Young Bucks on The MMA Hour and when they were alerted to this fact. Matt Jackson commented referencing the spot from ROH Final Battle involving all those simultaneous dropkicks that drew such controversy and that's all it took to spark another keyboard battle.

One fan spoke up and told Nick Jackson to get a real job and the Young Buck responded in pretty epic fashion. However, it only just seemed to stir the pot more with DC.

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Odds are this isn't the last of Daniel Cormier's feud with The Young Bucks. It might never be settled in a ring or a cage, but social media is a pretty entertaining alternative too.

Before all was said and done, Josh Barnett chimed in and said he didn't believe The Young Bucks made the money they claimed but that still didn't matter in regards to talent. He also questioned why they get into so many Twitter feuds. Of course, Matt Jackson had his own reply as well.

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