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Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor via TKO in an awesome fight

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor finally took place on Saturday night but things didn’t exactly go smoothly. The plan was to have the fighter entrances start at 11:30 pm eastern and bell time was scheduled for 11:55 pm. However, the pay-per-view providers were slammed and systems in Florida and California crashed so the decision was made to delay the start of the fight until the issues were cleared up.

Earlier in the telecast, they interviewed McGregor and Mayweather from their locker rooms. By the time of the semi-main event, it was clear that they were stalling for time as the pay-per-view companies worked on the ordering issues. UFC Fight Pass was having issues, specifically with fans attempting to log in after the show started. The ring introductions began at approximately 12:10 am eastern and the fight officially started at 12:15 am eastern.

McGregor landed more punches throughout the first 5 rounds but Mayweather picked up the pace in the 6th round. It looked like Mayweather was waiting on McGregor to get tired so he could take over the fight. The referee had to warn McGregor several times to let him know that hammer fists and blows to the back of the head are not legal. McGregor appeared to be very tired in the 7th round as Mayweather picked up the pace and landed more clean shots. McGregor was exhausted by round 10 and took a barrage of shots from McGregor and looked like he was about to get knocked out.

The fight was stopped in round 10 when Mayweather rocked McGregor up against the ropes. McGregor was clearly out of it but did not go down but it was enough for the referee to call it. That was probably one of Mayweather’s best fights and credit to McGregor for hanging in there. He looked good for a large part of that fight. That was a moral victory for McGregor.

After the fight, Mayweather said that this was his last fight and he chose the right dance partner. He called McGregor a hell of a champion and thanked Ireland. McGregor said that Mayweather was composed and patient. McGregor said that he had fun and the thought things were close and he thought it was a little early for the stoppage. McGregor seemed happy even in defeat. He didn’t close the door on boxing again but said that “of course” he would go back to UFC.

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