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UFC on Fox 16: Barao vs. Dillashaw play-by-play results

[Show: UFC on Fox 16] [Location: Chicago, IL] [Date: 7/25/15] [Airing Live On FOX]

PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass, 4:15 p.m. ET)

Zak Cummings vs. Antonio Braga Neto

Round 1: Cummings pressed early. Cummings with a straight left that stunned Neto. Cummings blitzed him with strikes to put him down.

Result: Zak Cummings def. Dominique Steele via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 0:43

Jessamyn Duke vs. Elizabeth Phillips

Round 1:  They exchange early, Duke landed a head kick that led to pulling guard and went for an armbar. Duke couldn’t get it and Phillips transitioned into side control then into mount. Duke gives her back up and Phillips laid in some strikes. Phillips busted Duke’s nose. Phillips went for a rear-naked choke, but couldn’t get it done and Duke survives the round.

Round 2: Duke clinched with Phillips on the fence and went for a guillotine choke, but couldn’t finish it. Phillips on top position, in half guard worked her over with strikes. Duke has a nasty black eye now. Phillips transitioned into mount and beat Duke down. Duke gave up her back and Phillips continued the beating. Phillips looked for a rear-naked choke, but couldn’t finish it.

Round 3: Duke clinched with and landed a trip takedown. Phillips scrambled, Duke went for a neck choke as both fighters scramble back and forth. Phillips got out of the choke and to her feet. Duke clinches with Phillips so she can land a knee to the face of Phillips. Phillips separates at 2:24. Duke blasted Phillips with strikes. Duke clinched and took Phillips down. Duke got the back of Phillips and poured it on to finish the round.

Result: Elizabeth Phillips def. Jessamyn Duke via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Andrew Holbrook vs. Ramsey Nijem

Round 1: Nijem gets a trip takedown into half guard. Holbrook scrambles to his feet and clinches with Nijem. Nijem tagged Holbrook with a straight jab. He followed it up with a knee to the face. Holbrook pulled guard and Nijem got on top with one minute remaining. Nijem with a big shot that rocked  on his back. Holbrook with a nasty up kick. The rounded with Nijem on top.

Round 2: Nijem stunned Holbrook as soon as the round started with a left hook. Nijem blitzed him with strikes then went for a takedown and got it. Holbrook went for a guillotine choke on Nijem off his back. Nijem got out and now landed a hammer fist. Holbrook scrambled off his back, but in doing so, Nijem got the back of Holbrook. Holbrook reversed into top position into half guard. Holbrook locked in the d’arce choke but got out. Nijem shot in on a takedown as Holbrook was trying to get up. The round end with Nijem on top.

Round 3: Nijem comes out quick and lights up Holbrook. In doing so, Nijem got a double-leg takedown and got the back of Holbrook. Holbrook went for a heel hook, but Nijem powered out. Nijem got the back of Holbrook and worked him over with strikes.

Result: Andrew Holbrook def. Ramsey Nijem via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Daron Cruickshank vs. James Krause

Round 1: Krause throwing a lot of kicks early on. They clinch, Krause with a toss and then got the back to lock in the rear-naked choke.

Result: James Krause def. Daron Cruickshank via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 1:27


Bryan Caraway vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1: Wineland with a missing sweep kick and Caraway took him down. Wineland right back to his feet, but Caraway clinches with him and keeps him on the fence. They separate moments later. Caraway shot in on a double but stuffed. Caraway clinches with him on the fence, but they separate moments later. Wineland with a ton of movement that seems to be throwing off Caraway’s range. Wineland landed a good knee to the face of Caraway to close the round.

Round 2: Caraway has shortened his range and is getting the better of Wineland. He repeatedly went to a left uppercut that has caught Wineland over and over. Wineland is bleeding from under his right eye. Caraway built more and more confidence in this round as it progressed.

Round 3: Caraway comes out aggressive once again to begin the round. Wineland is back peddling and has slowed down considerably compared to the previous bouts.

Result: Bryan Caraway def. Eddie Wineland via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Kenny Robertson vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging, Robertson clinched and took down Saunders. Robertson got into half guard, but Saunders locked in a triangle, but Robertson got out and scrambled to his feet. Robertson landed a big overhand right that tagged Saunders. They trade in the pocket. Robertson rocked Saunders. Robertson dropped Saunders with a big straight strike and got on top of Saunders, but couldn’t finish it.

Round 2: Robertson tagged Saunders as soon as the round starts. Saunders fired back with his own strikes. Saunders landed a low blow to Robertson, which results in a pause of the action. Robertson tagged him with a left hook, but Saunders landed a head kick. They exchange in the pocket. Both men just threw bombs that made for some great action.

Round 3: Saunders comes out aggressive and throwing strikes to just to throw them. Saunders stunned Robertson with a body strike. Thus resulting in Robertson taking him down with a double-leg takedown. Saunders has a high guard with Robertson’s head locked up and landed several elbows that results in Robertson being cut open.

Result: Ben Saunders def. Kenny Robertson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Danny Castillo vs. Jim Miller

Round 1: Castillo threw a high kick, but caught by Miller and put him on his back. Miller in half guard, Miller transitions into mount moments later. Castillo popped his hips and got on top of Castillo in half guard. Miller scrambled off his back and to his feet to close the round.

Round 2: Both fighters keeping up the same pace as the previous round. A very close fight that sees both men have their moments. Miller with a body kick that hurt Castillo and went to target the ribs of Castillo from there. Castillo landed a nice high kick to the face of Miller.

Round 3: Miller tagged Castillo with a big straight left to drop Miller. Castillo scrambled to his feet and went back to striking. The fans start to boo towards the end of this fight as there is action, but neither fighter is doing much damage. Castillo shoved Miller down to the ground and got side control with twenty seconds remaining and that’s how we end the fight.

Result: Jim Miller def. Danny Castillo via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Tom Lawlor vs. Gian Villante

Round 1: Villante rocked Lawlor at 3:38 with a right hook. Lawlor seeked to get inside of Villante’s range, but was struggling with that early. Lawlor is bleeding over his right eye. Villante has found a home for his kicks not only to the legs, but the body of Lawler. Villante took Lawlor down for a moment, but just let him up shortly after.

Round 2: Lawlor with a counter right that dropped Villante and then swarmed him. Lawlor finished him on the ground and finished the fight.

Result: Tom Lawlor def. Gian Villante via knockout (punches) – Round 2, 0:27

MAIN CARD (FOX, 8 p.m. ET)

Takanori Gomi vs. Joe Lauzon

Round 1: Gomi throws some big strikes early on in this fight. Lauzon stayed calm and traded with Gomi when he had the opportunity. Lauzon rushed Gomi and took him down. Lauzon got on top of Gomi. Lauzon got the back of Gomi and started landing some big strikes that finishes the fight. Lauzon got off and walked away to finish the fight.

Result: Joe Lauzon def. Takanori Gomi via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 2:37

Edson Barboza vs. Paul Felder

Round 1: Barboza opens up with somebody kicks early on in the fight. Barboza has a big bruise on his right eye. Barboza was the quicker of the too. Barboza with a spinning back kick straight to the junk of Felder. Felder recovered and started throwing his own spinning back kicks. Barboza with a ton of movement, but Felder stays close to him.

Round 2: Both men throw a lot of strikes and kicks, but most of them do not land. A good close fight.

Round 3: More of the same of the previous rounds. A very close fight that most people on Twitter though it was a draw.

Result: Edson Barboza def. Paul Felder via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Co-Main Event: Jessica Eye vs. Miesha Tate

Round 1: Eye with some good jabs right off the bat. Eye is landing strikes at will against Tate. Tate landed a big straight right, but Eye fired back with a left hook. Tate shot in, but stuffed and ate a big right. Tate with a huge straight right that dropped Eye. Tate got on top in half guard of Eye. Tate with some big elbows to the head of Eye to close the round.

Round 2: Tate rushed her and clinched with her on the fence. Eye separated from Tate. Tate with a left jab then a straight down right. Tate follows up with another straight right that drops Eye and swarmed her on the ground. Tate in side control with two-minutes remaining. Tate went for a guillotine choke at the very end of the round and Eye was saved by the bell.

Round 3: Tate did what she could with jabs, but Eye looks to have quit. Tate went for a guillotine choke at the very end of the round and Eye was saved by the bell. Tate shot in on a double leg and got it mid-way through the round. Tate got Eye’s back, They were stood up for some odd reason. Tate shot in on a double, but ate a knee and that’s how the fight ended.

Result: Miesha Tate def. Jessica Eye via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bantamweight Championship Bout: T.J. Dillashaw (c)  vs. Renan Barao

Round 1: Barao the aggressor early on and Dillashaw was extremely confident. They clinch, Barao with some good knees to the body of Dillashaw. Dillashaw with a straight right then a knee then a right hook to Barao. Dillashaw clinches with Barao up on the fence as USA chants breakout. They trade in the pocket. Dillashaw with some nice jabs. Dillashaw was so much faster than Barao. Barao tagged Dillashaw with a nice combo of hooks.

Round 2: Dillashaw clinched with Barao to begin the round and they did some work up on the fence. They separate, Dillashaw landed some short jabs. Dillashaw clinches once again with Barao, which in result drains the energy of Barao.

Round 3: Barao looked to take the fight to the ground as he continued to shoot in for takedowns to begin the round, but were stuffed by Dillashaw. Dillashaw turns the tide and looks for his own takedowns. Dillashaw hurt Barao at the end of the round with a series of knees to the jaw of Barao.

Round 4: Dillashaw tagged him with a left hook the just T’d off on Barao up against the fence to end the fight.

Result: T.J. Dillashaw def. Renan Barao via TKO at :35 of R4


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