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Adam Cole is scheduled for a high-level meeting with Vince McMahon backstage at WWE SmackDown



In an update on the previous story on Adam Cole, it looks like an offer will be made to him tonight.

Fightful reports that Cole is scheduled to be backstage at tonight's SmackDown for a "high-level meeting" with Vince McMahon. Since McMahon is meeting with him, it shows that WWE is serious about wanting to keep him on board.

Bryan Alvarez noted today on Wrestling Observer Live that Cole had yet, as of earlier today, been offered a deal by WWE and AEW has not had talks with him but it's expected that if Cole does not sign a new deal with WWE within the next couple of weeks, then he would talk with AEW.

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Alvarez also stated that it is not a foregone conclusion that Cole will leave WWE. He has many friends in AEW but he is also well-liked in WWE.

Pete Dunne's deal is due to expire soon as well. There is no word on contract talks with him or if he plans to leave WWE.