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AJ Styles names two wrestlers who he thinks could become big WWE stars



AJ Styles did an interview with Ganelyn Mendoza of WWE India to discuss a wide range of topics.

During it, the former WWE Champion was asked to pick three wrestlers that he sees potential in and who could become big stars for the company. This is where he named Matt Riddle and Keith Lee.

"Matt Riddle is definitely got… that is coming up. Riddle as we call him now. He's definitely a talent that you need to watch in the future," Styles said. "He's gonna be a huge star. Keith Lee is another one of those guys who's just super powerful and can do things that a big man shouldn't be able to do.”

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Styles didn’t name the third star but did wonder whether that star could be in NXT or has yet to blossom yet to show what their true potential is.

Both Riddle and Lee had great runs in NXT, but have yet to find their footing on the main roster like they had been in NXT although that could be changing. In recent weeks, Riddle has been teaming up with Jeff Hardy while Lee has been put in the WWE Title picture as he’s slated to challenge WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for the strap on Monday’s Raw.

Styles also talked about his Boneyard Match with The Undertaker, and more in this interview, which you can read here.