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AJ Styles returns to NWA Wildside for reunion show



AJ Styles isn't only The Phenomenal One, but it turns out you also never know where he'll pop up next. He might be on the top of the world right now as WWE United States Champion, but Styles never forgets his roots.

AJ started in National Championship Wrestling, but this company eventually merged with NWA Georgia to create NWA Wildside. There was a big NWA Wildside reunion show going on Saturday night and The Face That Build SmackDown Live couldn't help but accept his invitation.

There's a reason why AJ Styles is so over whenever WWE comes to Georgia. He has strong ties to the community and never ceases to amaze people whenever he steps in the ring.

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Whether he's cutting a promo or working a match, AJ Styles is always the highlight of any show. The fans at the NWA Wildside reunion show didn't expect to see AJ Styles but that's exactly what happened. As you can see, he was a huge hit on the show.

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