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Alberto El Patron and Paige's attorney rips "false reports" and posts case report for airport incident

Keith McMahon, the attorney representing Paige and Alberto El Patron, has posted the case report from the 7/9 Orlando airport incident that has been reported here and on many other sites over the last couple of weeks. Jose Rodriguez (Alberto) is listed as the victim. The report also states that the offender (Paige, although her name is not listed) was not suspected of using drugs or alcohol.

Although McMahon blasted reporting on the story, most of the reports I've seen online quoted statements from the Orlando PD and it should be noted that Orlando PD has stated that it is still up to the State Prosecutor's office on whether or not they should charge Paige with domestic battery. In a Twitter statement on 7/12, Paige said that there was no physical altercation and that she was the one being held for battery after throwing a drink on Alberto. In the attorney statement, he referenced "false reports" by "untrained reporters." He might be referencing a fake story that was circulating online on Wednesday claiming that there was a warrant out for Paige's arrest.

On Wednesday's GFW conference call, Dutch Mantell stated that Alberto remains under suspension until they conclude their internal investigation. Paige is still under contract with WWE so she could be suspended if she is charged because of WWE's zero tolerance on domestic violence. If convicted, then she would be fired.

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Here is the statement from Paige and Alberto's attorney:

"The last month was marked by false reports by "untrained reporters" not doing their due diligence. Now the official report stating what actually happened. I would like to thank everyone that supported my clients never read into false reports posted on the internet by reporters trying to earn a buck by defaming and hurting my clients and their families, including Alberto's 3 innocent children.

As you can see there was no alcohol or drugs and no arrests.

NO physical harm to one another, just an argument between a couple that others exploited. Thank you to everyone who believes in them. God bless you all."