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Alberto El Patron reportedly no longer suspect in domestic violence investigation

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

This week has been full of news about Alberto El Patron and Paige. But in all honesty that's not an uncommon thing. There was a recent incident that really worried some fans and resulted in Alberto's suspension from GFW. Paige and Alberto allegedly got in a pretty heated argument in an Orlando airport and after audio of the encounter leaked online a lot of people were concerned for these two.

But now it looks like things might be clearing up for Alberto at least because Pro Wrestling Sheet reports he has been cleared from all charges in this investigation. The Orlando police department reportedly disclosed that Alberto is no longer a suspect in the case now that Paige is a suspect.

You can hear Paige saying in the audio from the incident that she should be the one charged and apparently that's exactly what's happening. While no charges have been filed on the Anti-Diva at this time her part of the case is still open. Close attention does need to be payed to Paige's part in this investigation because it could result in her termination from WWE.

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But at this time Alberto appears as though he is free and clear from this investigation.

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