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WATCH: John Cena tries to sing Country Roads at WV house show

When you’re touring with WWE it is important to know what state you’re in. It is even better if the state has some culture you can draw heat off of. But in those instances where you can get a pop from the crowd by bringing back something timeless and sentimental to the area like Ohio’s “O-H-I-O” chant or John Denver’s “Country Roads” when you’re in West Virginia then it is an even more useful tool.

John Cena has been touring with WWE for a long time. The fact is some young fans don’t remember a day without John Cena as the brightly colored face of WWE. Some fans don’t even remember Big Match John in his ruthless aggression phase and if you showed them a picture of The Prototype they’d probably lose their minds.

John Cena was in Huntington, WV working a Raw house show on Saturday night and the free agent decided to pull an old classic out of his bag of tricks. Cena grabbed the microphone after Bray kept powdering out the ring and decided to work some verbal magic. You can see from the clip below that his opponent for the evening, Bray Wyatt decided to pull out an old heel standard as well during the end of the song’s chorus. In the end, John Cena tried to sing an anthem for West Virginia, but he was rudely interrupted. But it’s the thought that counts.

If you’re wondering why this tweet is a reply to a happy birthday message for Jesse Venture, then all I can say is the Big Sandy Superstore Arena was dark and this writer must have accidentally clicked the tweet in his timeline when he uploaded the video last night. Oh and happy belated birthday to Jesse Venture, I guess.

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