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Alexa Bliss on not getting a spotlight in NXT because of the Four Horsewomen

Alexa Bliss might be an incredible talent on the main roster where WWE apparently doesn’t know what they would do without her and we have the numbers to prove it.

But while Bliss was in NXT, there wasn’t a lot of room on the show for her to exhibit what she could do in the ring. One of the main reasons behind this was that the Four Horsewomen Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch were taking up a lot of the spotlight.

It wasn’t until Bliss was drafted to the main roster that her true potential was realized and she continues on to this day as one of the top women in WWE. But Bliss didn’t seem bitter at all when speaking about her time in NXT even if she was pushed to the side in many ways because of the stacked women’s division in NXT at the time.

“All the focus at the time was on the Four Horsewomen,” Bliss said to Oh Jezuz. “I was in there at the same time as the Four Horsewomen, but I wasn’t given that spotlight. I wasn’t the girl they chose to go with. Which is fine because if the Four Horsewomen were going to be the face of this ‘Women’s Evolution’ that’s amazing. I know I came in under the radar, I can be that person that evolves that evolution and that revolution and take it to the next step. Be that different kind of person, that different face then being with the Four Horsewomen. I could kind of make my own path.”

As Alexa Bliss continues down her road to yet another WrestleMania as champion it’s hard to believe that she was passed over in developmental. But it just goes to show that sometimes the person with the most ability not only comes in a small package but they might also be overlooked at first glance.

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