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Alexa Bliss talks about that gnarly trick she can do with her arm



Alexa Bliss has a neat little trick she can do at parties or in the ring. Well, she can actually use it whenever she wants someone to think her arm is broken. So she very well might be able to pull this out of her bag of tricks anywhere from in line at the grocery store to an elementary school science fair. Just in case it would ever be useful for someone to think her arm was broken while they're judging home made baking soda volcanos.

Bliss was recently asked about her neat little arm trick that's gotten her out of a couple tough jams in the past at a WWE 2k18 event. Her response was surprisingly upbeat about her ability to freak people out using her little skill and apparently she's always used it to her advantage.

"Well my elbows just like bend backward, they both do, they always have, I always used to freak out my cheer coaches with it all the time, but it's just a little trick."

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There's always the possibility she could have used this little trick to get out of losing her Raw Women's Title at SummerSlam to Sasha Banks. But there's always next time.

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