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Update on a legendary tag team that could be going into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year



WWE will be flying in Kevin Von Erich for the 2016 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony. It makes sense to bring him in since the Von Erich name is legendary in the city of Dallas and there has been tons of speculation that The Freebirds will be inducted this year. If that happens then Von Erich would be the most likely name to give the induction speech.

I don't know how good the odds are for this to happen but Kevin and Michael Hayes have been pushing for a special attraction match that would see Kevin's sons Ross and Marshall facing Slam Master J (aka Terry Gordy's son Ray) and Buddy Roberts, Jr. That might be a good hook to get some extra publicity in the Dallas area and help generate some extra ticket sales.

In somewhat related news, Ross and Marshall Von Erich are on WWE's radar and they went to at least one tryout at the Performance Center last year.

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