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Arn Anderson explains why Vince McMahon soured on Drew McIntyre in 2010



On this week's episode of the "ARN" podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson cover the 2010 Money In The Bank pay-per-view and all of the big news surrounding that event.

Arn also gave his thoughts on the even in general and he talked about why Drew McIntyre's first run with the company did not work out.

Here are some highlights:

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Arn gave his viewpoint of having 2 of the same gimmick matches on a PPV: “I’m just not a big fan of having one per night. No matter how you do it, how you structure it, or what coat of paint you put on it, it is still the same match. It is hard to have two that are entirely different.” “I’m not a fan of having two Elimination Chambers or two Money in the Banks or two Hell in the Cells because one is going to take away from the other in most cases”

Arn talked about the reasons Vince McMahon lost interest in Drew Galloway circa 2010: “He saw something in Drew that he really liked. He named him the Chosen One. I think that was a shoot at that time. I think he looked at Drew and said, here is a young guy I’m going to go all the way with. I said this before and I know it sounds crazy, but Drew got too lean. I know that he knew Vince liked body guys and everything but Drew went through a period where he got so lean that it actually a detraction from his look because he is a big tall guy. He got so ripped and he looked like a guy that was fixing to get into an amateur bodybuilding content. I think that hurt him in as much as anything else. But, I think Vince truly chose him as being one of the next big stars. When he got so ripped and stuff it just took away from him and I think he had some issues outside of the ring as far as his personal life and at that particular time, it snowballed altogether.”

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