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"Arrow" star confirms that he will be doing something with WWE

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell was part of a Q&A session at Nerd HQ 2015 in San Diego on Friday evening. A fan asked him about working with WWE. He did not confirm anything in regards to doing a match but pretty much said that he would be doing something with WWE. As noted before, the plan for SummerSlam was for Amell to face Stardust in a match. The last word was that those plans were dropped.

Amell said, "I'm probably gonna do some stuff with WWE. I don't know if it's gonna be wrestling."

It should be noted that he said that he would not be wrestling Stardust. Now you can take that a couple of different ways. His character "Arrow" (not Amell as himself) could be wrestling Stardust.

Again, the plans with Stardust were dropped at one point but perhaps the match is back on. We should know soon enough.

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