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Backstage news on filming process of Matt Riddle’s WWE SmackDown debut



Matt Riddle was called up to the main roster and placed on Friday Night SmackDown where after a few weeks of WWE airing vignettes to hype his debut, he worked his first match on the brand back on the June 19th episode.

This is where Riddle beat Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles in a non-title match that was lengthy and competitive. To set up the contest, Riddle interrupted an in-ring promo segment between Styles and Daniel Bryan.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reports that the segment was set up with lines on paper on the table in front of Renee Young, Bryan, and Styles. It was noted that Styles was said to have been very funny during the filming. At one point, Styles joked about Bryan "strapping the fake velcro around his waist."

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WWE gave instructions via the PA speaker to reposition people before Riddle interrupted. It was noted that Johnny Ace helped out a lot with the segment as he wanted to make sure Riddle got on the camera side where it could be seen that he wasn't wearing shoes.

At one point, Riddle accidentally read one of Styles' line, and followed up with a "my bad, bro," while a befuddled Johnny Ace looked on, and the NXT audience laughed as they know Riddle's personality.

WWE has already confirmed that Styles will defend the Intercontinental Title against Riddle on next week’s episode of SmackDown.