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Backstage news on what WWE creative was told about John Cena appearing at the Royal Rumble



As most of you know by now, John Cena is out of the Royal Rumble because of a worked injury. In reality, WWE needed a reason to pull him off TV and the original plan was for Lars Sullivan to attack him. Since Sullivan flew home a few weeks ago due to an anxiety attack and he is apparently not ready to return, the decision was to announce that he suffered an ankle injury.

Cena was never scheduled to be a part of the Royal Rumble. Remember, we reported last month that he wasn't scheduled for the Rumble because he was going to start filming a movie.

Dave Meltzer spoke about the situation with Cena on Wrestling Observer Radio.

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Meltzer said, "from what I've been told, the people who work in the company and the people who work in creative were always under the impression that Cena was not working the Rumble. They would be surprised if he is because there's no reason to lie about that one."

It's odd how WWE handled everything with Cena because they basically false advertised him for the Royal Rumble and last Monday they did not outright say that he would not be in the Rumble, Instead, they said that he was "questionable," which leaves room for fans to speculate that he would appear as a surprise.

Things can always change but it seems unlikely and Cena has not been seen in Phoenix.