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Backstage reaction to John Cena’s WWE return

John Cena is slated to make his return to WWE television on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his main roster in-ring debut on a 2002 episode of SmackDown where he wrestled Kurt Angle.

The belief is this return will set up a match between Cena and Theory at next month’s SummerSlam event. Theory first threw out the idea of this match a few months ago on social media. Since then, both stars have teased the match.

As previously reported, there has been talk of doing this match at SummerSlam with the idea to elevate Theory to a higher level. Vince McMahon sees a young Cena in Theory and is high on the United States Champion.

WrestleVotes reported today that the backstage reaction to Cena’s return is excitement within the company:

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“Aside from the obvious business boost, I’m told the return of John Cena is as exciting for the locker room as it is for the fans. Cena is viewed as the ultimate leader, w/ his positive presence felt throughout the company when he’s around.”

Cena last wrestled on TV at SummerSlam last year where he lost to Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. As of this writing, Cena is not advertised for any other WWE events, but that is likely to change after tonight.