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Backstage WWE reaction to Dean Ambrose’s impending departure



The big news thus far this week is the fact that Dean Ambrose has decided that he will not be renewing his contract this spring with the WWE. This has captured the attention of the pro wrestling community, and more details continue to come out.

The latest news about this situation came from longtime pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer who talked about it during the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio as he gave some more insight into the announcement that was sent out by the WWE to confirm his departure as well as the backstage reaction to Ambrose leaving.

Meltzer made it known that although he believes the situation involving the former WWE Champion is real and he is indeed leaving the company as soon as his contract expires, there is some stars backstage that believes it’s a work due to the way that WWE handled the situation as they announced it over their own website.

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It turns out that there were some talents who knew about Ambrose's decision to leave before this past Monday's episode of Raw. However, most talents were in the dark about it until WWE confirmed the news.

When it comes to creative, the wrestling journalist made it known that the majority of the creative team was unaware that Ambrose was leaving and had no idea that the program with Nia Jax was made to humiliate him on his way out of the promotion.

It was added that there were employees who are surprised that he turned down such a lucrative five year deal with WWE. The thing with Ambrose is the fact that he is unhappy and doesn't care about the money. Finally, Meltzer noted that Ambrose is very good friends with Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes.