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Backtage news on Paul Heyman’s influence on WWE Raw

If you watched this week’s Monday Night Raw then you probably noticed Paul Heyman’s fingerprints on the show.

The opening segment was definitely done by Paul Heyman but Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Heyman’s influence could be felt in other segments.

“His fingerprints were all over this show,” Meltzer said. “I would say that most of the stuff went through him. I know when they had the production meeting, the people who were talking about the show were still Vince and Ed Koskey and not Paul but there was a lot of Paul stuff in this show.”

Everyone should keep in mind that this was just the first week and they still have to get through Extreme Rules so you should see more of Heyman’s influence in a couple of weeks after the pay-per-view.

I spoke to a couple of wrestlers after the show and they are very optimistic about the future. Heyman gets along with most of the talent backstage and some of them who have been underutilized feel that Heyman handling creative with Vince McMahon as a filter is a positive step that will benefit everyone.

Heyman is said to be a fan of The Street Profits and he’s been friends with Maria Kanellis for many years so it’s no surprise to see them get significant TV time on the main roster.


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