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Maria Kanellis is really pregnant, what’s next for Mike Bennett on WWE Raw?

For those of you wondering about the angle with Mike and Maria Kanellis on Monday Night Raw, the part where she announces that she is pregnant is real.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that she is really pregnant. Presumably, this means that she will be taking time off from WWE TV for the next several months.

I don’t know what is next for Mike Kanellis but it’s worth noting that they did an angle last week on 205 Live where he quit the brand after he lost a match to Jack Gallagher. Mike left his wife alone on the stage so they were already teasing trouble but it wasn’t talked about as much because most fans do not watch 205 Live. Last week’s angle would indicate that Maria knew at that time that she was pregnant and would likely be taking time off.

Another thing to note is that he has changed his name back to Mike Bennett on Twitter. Other than people in creative, nobody backstage seems to know what is next for him other than he signed a 5-year deal and the speculation is that this is the start of a renewed push for him. Paul Heyman is friends with Mike and Maria so anyone who thinks that this is the start of a long burial for Mike would be mistaken.


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