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Becky Lynch reacts after Ric Flair's trademark filing for "The Man"

Ric Flair Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch took to Twitter very early on Saturday morning (1:08 am eastern to be exact) in an apparent response to that news got out about Ric Flair's trademark filing for "The Man."

As we first reported on Friday, Ric Flair LLC filed a trademark earlier this week for "The Man" and the trademark also covered merchandise.

Of course, this probably wouldn't go over well with Lynch and people in WWE since she's been using "The Man" on merchandise for several months.

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Earlier this week, Flair seemingly took issue with Lynch calling herself "The Man" and Taylor Swift titling one of her new songs "The Man." Flair has used the verbiage "to be the man, you've got to beat the man" in his promos for decades.

We'll see if the trademark filing gets approved.

As you can see below, Lynch did not say a whole lot but it was enough that fans knew exactly what she was talking about. Her tweet simply read: "I am The Man."

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