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Big angle to close out tonight's WWE SmackDown Live?

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As noted earlier, Vince McMahon ripped up the script for tonight's WWE SmackDown Live and he's in the process of rewriting the entire show. If things go how they went last week, then parts of the second hour will be rewritten during the first hour.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez noted earlier that, at one point, the plan was for Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston in the main event. That has changed and the current plan is to do Bryan and Erick Rowan vs. Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The fact that McMahon is keeping Bryan in the main event would be an indication that the big attacker reveal angle will happen at the end of the show. News leaked last week about Bryan being Roman Reigns' attacker and there was a big clue given on Monday Night Raw.

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As always, this main event can still change between now and the end of the show. If anything, these changes show that, despite what Vince McMahon said on the recent investor conference call, he is still very much "in the weeds" with the creative process.