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Big Show on possible WWE producer role: I may as well put my head under a car and back over it



Although The Big Show is no longer working a full-time schedule for WWE, he is used when needed.

The former WWE Champion does have options whether that is continuing his acting career or wrestling occasionally. Another option that some might think could be available for the pro wrestling legend is something that he has no interest in doing and that is to be a WWE backstage producer.

Big Show recently did an interview with and was asked about the possible role.

“Being a backstage producer, I may as well put my head under a car and back over it. I wouldn’t want the headache that our backstage producers go through. I’m in a unique position that I don’t have to work five nights a week like when I was full time.

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If you have a talent that is on their way as a big guy or medium-sized guy and I get the chance to get in the ring and work again and ride with this guy for a few days and help them that way, that’s where I get to do my best work—being in the ring with them and work out their timing and what’s going on in their head, and take them where they need to be.”

Big Show continued by talking about how the toughest part is to get younger talent to let loose and relax in the match in order for it to be fluid and not force spots that they had planned before the match. He stated that things are different right now due to there not being fans in attendance.

“As far as me, I’m around as long as I’m still able to compete and produce. I know that those times are not as much as they used to be back in the day.”

He knows that father time is undefeated, but he will always respect and love this business so he’ll be around to help anyone that needs it.

Big Show also talked about feuding with Randy Orton, big guys in wrestling, and more. Check out the full interview here.