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Brock Lesnar's expletive on Raw was not scripted



Brock Lesnar can pretty much get away with whatever he wants in WWE without repercussions. At least that is the impression being given after his promo from Raw. During Monday's Raw, Lesnar cut a promo on Heath Slater saying "I don't give a sh*t about your kids" in reference to Slater saying that he needed to fight Brock Lesnar because he had to put food on his kids' table. The expletive was bleeped out by the USA Network since they are on a 7-second delay but it was not something that was scripted and Lensar said that on his own.

It does not appear that Lesnar is in any trouble for what he said and his contract is unique because there are provisions in it that state that there are certain things that he cannot be disciplined for. There is an obvious double standard regarding what he and a guy like Cena can say in a promo and get away with. Joey Styles and Brad Maddox were fired for things said that never aired on live TV.

The reason why Brad Maddox was fired was for calling the crowd "cocky pricks" in a dark match promo that garnered more attention because he was fired for it. It would have likely slipped under the radar if the company didn't make a big deal about it. The call to fire him came directly from Vince McMahon.

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Lesnar is scheduled to headline SummerSlam this Sunday against Randy Orton.