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Brock Lesnar’s prank on Big Show that’s still hilarious almost 20 years later

Big Show has always been big which is probably why he’s called the Big Show. He’s a giant with an appetite and he was hungry for a ton of bad things back in the day.

Bruce Prichard recently opened up about Big Show’s bad eating habits on an episode of Something To Wrestle With where he was able to tell a great story about a hilarious rib Brock Lesnar pulled on The Giant back in the day.

The story started when they addressed Big Show’s health problems and eating habits that got him sent down to OVW for a refresher. He had to lose weight and get in shape because Vince McMahon was legitimately worried about Big Show. Every time they would approach Big Show and ask him to slow down on the heavy cigarette smoking and junk food Show would give them a story about how he’s doing everything he needs to. Then they would find him having a smoke and eating a bucket full of McDonalds the next time they turned around.

“One of these times Big Show was ‘on a diet and taking care of himself and eating healthy,’ Harvey Wippleman walks in with I think three or four dozen Krispy Kreme donuts” Bruce Prichard said. “And Brock [Lesnar] stops and goes ‘hey Krispy Kreme, who are those for?” and [Harvey] goes ‘oh those are Big Show’s.”

“And [Brock’s] like, ‘all of them?’ [Harvey] says ‘yeah, but don’t tell anybody.'”

“So Brock goes in to every donut and takes a huge bite out of every donut and puts them back in the box and says, ‘go and take them to him now and tell him who did it.'”

Vince wanted Big Show to have a long career and cared about his health. This is why WWE decided to send Big Show down to OVW so he could get serious about his health. It’s a good thing they did that too because we’ve certainly enjoyed having Big Show around as long as he has been for each and every heel and babyface turn.

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