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Change is coming for the WWE 24/7 Championship

Mojo Rawley


It looks like change is coming for the WWE 24/7 Championship but it doesn't look like the change is coming for the physical belt.

This week on Monday Night Raw, Mojo Rawley won the title from R-Truth and then dared anyone from the locker room to face him because he would not be running from everyone to hold onto his title as the previous champions have done.

In a video posted on Rawley's Twitter account, he said that it's time for a change for the 24/7 title and noted how there have been 84 different title reigns among 34 different people since the title was introduced last May.

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Rawley said, "I'm cleaning the coward off of my title. We ain't playing hide and go seek with this anymore. You all might think it's smart to run and hide after your title win but as the smartest and most educated guy on the roster, I'm telling you it ain't. This title is in need of a facelift…"

It sounds like people in WWE have realized that the usual 24/7 segments have run their course and we could be seeing more traditional title defenses. The apparent changes come just days after Ember Moon revealed that her Achilles injury happened during a 24/7 title segment when she was chasing Carmella. Hopefully, WWE has plans to give some credibility to the title going forward.

Listen to what Rawley said in the video below.