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Charlotte Flair and Drew McIntyre were not originally scheduled to win WWE Royal Rumble matches

As most of you know by now, Drew McIntyre and Charlotte Flair won their respective WWE Royal Rumble matches last night. However, they were not in the original plans to win those matches.

Shayna Baszler and Roman Reigns were originally scheduled to win their respective Royal Rumble matches. Then, at some point when they were working on plans for WrestleMania, the decision was made to go with Charlotte Flair as the winner of the women’s Rumble and Drew McIntyre as the winner of the men’s Rumble.

Sometime around January 14 is when the changes were made because there was a lot of smart money coming in around that time.

For those of you not familiar with smart money betting, whenever there is a lot of money being betted on in a short time on WWE matches, it usually indicates that word has leaked out from someone in the company on future plans. That is what happened around January 14, which would indicate that is when creative changes for the Rumble were changed.

We will have more backstage news up shortly. Click here for more news on what went down last night, including news on an altercation that happened before the show and late changes made to the show.


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