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Chavo Guerrero talks about Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit's last days

Chris Jericho has a 2 part podcast up with Chavo Guerrero this week. Both talk about backstage WCW and WWE stories. They also talk about the day Eddie was taken to rehab (in 2001) after falling asleep backstage. There is alot of interesting information about Eddie Guerrero's last days and the stress Eddie had on his back when he was the champion. Chavo reveals that Eddie was still warm and alive when he was found in his hotel room but it was too late to save him. Chavo also reveals that Benoit called him on Saturday, the day he likely killed his wife and son and discusses the events leading up to the Benoit tribute show. Chavo was Benoit's travelling partner for the last 6 months before the murder/suicide. You can listen to parts 1 and 2 below.

Part 1

Part 2

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