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Check out this awesome mini-Team Angle reunion



If you were a fan of WWE during Kurt Angle's first run with the company then you have to be familiar with Shelton Benjamin. In fact, you probably know Shelty from any highlight package of mind blowing maneuvers during any number of gimmick matches involving ladders. He was excellent as part of The World's Greatest Tag Team alongside partner Charlie Haas and followed around with Kurt Angle as a member of Team Angle.

Shelton and WWE parted ways in 2010 but The Gold Standard kept displaying excellence where ever he worked for the past seven years. Shelton Benjamin came back to WWE on SmackDown Live as Chad Gable's new tag team partner and it was pretty cool.

That team will be outstanding. We're not sure what they'll call themselves but we've been kicking around some good names around the office. An even more interesting point was when Daniel Bryan said he traded Jaron Jordan to Raw in order to get Kurt to do him the favor of talking to Shelton about coming to the blue brand. So Daniel Bryan essentially traded Chad Gable tag team partners. But all of a sudden Shelton Benjamin was standing next to Chad Gable and he looked tall -- they also looked great together.

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Kurt Angle recently posted a picture of himself and Shelton and they still look great next to each other too. Kurt Angle might be regretting trading JJ for his old traveling buddy now. Kurt also got #DamnYouDanielBryan going once again which hasn't been used since 2012. But it's pretty cool to see 2/3 of Team Angle together once again. It would also be cool to have Charlie Haas back in WWE so we could have a full-fledged reunion, just saying.

But since Shelton Benjamin is back we just have to wonder if Momma Benjamin will be returning as well. The last we heard she was having heart surgery but we're sure Thea Vidale would reprise her role to be the manager of American Alpha 2.0 (or The World's Sickest Tag Team) if she got the call.

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