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Chelsea Green believes WWE knew who would win Tough Enough at the start, what producers told her to do during the show



Coming off her surprise appearance at the "Best in the World" pay-per-view, Chelsea Green was interviewed on the ROH Strong podcast.

Green gave some interesting comments on her time on WWE Tough Enough in 2015:

“On one hand, I was like, how can I not win this? I’m the only person who knows wrestling. I think what I forgot is that it’s WWE, and they choose the narrative. They choose who they want to look good or to not look good. One thing I will say is, at the time, I just didn’t have the uber sexiness that Mandy (Rose) did. I wasn’t the underdog. I wasn’t Sarah (Logan), but I wasn’t this sexy bombshell like Mandy. I fell somewhere in the middle, and I think that was kind of my downfall.

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Had I picked a character, had I been the mean girl, or the b**ch, maybe I would have gone farther. That’s just the name of the game in wrestling. I have to say, I really did think that I had a chance of winning it. What I’m realizing as I get older is that I feel as if they had chosen who the winners were going to be from the start. I was told, I don’t know if you remember the very first episode, but it has me coming off as a b**tch. I walk in, I have a glass of Vodka, and I do all this stuff that I just wouldn’t do, but the producers asked me to do it, so I was willing to do it.

Of course, as time goes on, you show your true colors, and my true colors is that I get along with girls. I got along with everybody in the house. You can only fake that so much.”

Green also talked about her desire to work with Playboy, playing the role of Daniel Bryan's therapist on WWE Raw, her Laurel Van Ness character in Impact Wrestling, and more.

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