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Chelsea Green is in a legal battle with WWE over trademark rights to her real name

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

It looks like WWE wants to hold on to the rights to the name "Chelsea Green," despite the fact that it is her real name.

On August 5, they sent a reply to the Office Action (via USPTO) that states that she gave them consent to trademark her name.

The letter provided was from November 2020. Presumably, she would be fine with them having trademark rights to her name for merchandising while she was under contract but she is no longer working for WWE. Green filed paperwork to trademark her name in April of this year, shortly after she was released.

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On Twitter, Green commented on the legal battle over her given name. She tweeted, "I never thought I’d be in a legal battle for my BIRTH GIVEN name… 🙄 Going to discuss it on tomorrow’s episode of @GreenWEnvyPod"

h/t PWInsider.