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CM Punk "awaiting confirmation" for next MMA fight

MMA Junkie/USA Today Sports

MMA Junkie/USA Today Sports

CM Punk was the Second City Savior in pro wrestling but after he walked out of WWE following the 2014 Royal Rumble it doesn't look like he misses pro wrestling much. He's been a busy guy in the meantime. Punk appeared on MTV's The Challenge Champs vs Pros but that was the highlight of his television exposure in the last year.

CM Punk has yet to sign on the dotted line for another fight. There has been speculation UFC might not be the best place for his next fight either. After all, Mickey Gall made pretty quick work of him at UFC 203. It's been almost a year since Punk's defeat in the Octagon and some might think his UFC career was one and done.

But any reports saying CM Punk has no fight in the future might be mistaken because Duke Roufus recently posted a picture of CM Punk saying he's awaiting his next fight confirmation. This is ambiguous wording because there are no specifics about how far into negations he is. But it's certainly a good sign that CM Punk might have another fight soon enough.

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But as long as CM Punk seems to be happy doing what he's doing that's fine by us. After all, we wish the best for CM Punk even though it would be great to see him back in a wrestling ring sooner or later.

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