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Cody Rhodes says WWE hasn't significantly changed since 2001



Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling star Cody Rhodes recently did an interview with Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Rhodes is getting ready for his self-funded "All In" professional wrestling event, along with The Young Bucks, from the Sears Centre in Illinois on September 1st.

Rhodes has made tremendous strides in his professional wrestling career since leaving WWE several years ago. He has won a World Title with ROH, joined The Bullet Club, established himself as one of the biggest names in the sport and so much more. Had he remained with WWE, Rhodes likely would've never been given the opportunity to prove his worth.

A large part of that is because WWE has stuck to the same script for nearly two decades. Rhodes knowns fans want something different in professional wrestling, and that's due in large part to WWE's refusal to invoke any significant change:

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“I think the yearning for a different product is really strong. WWE hasn’t had any significant change since what, 2001 in wrestling? WWE provides so much good content. Just good wholesome content, but they’re still the only one.

"I just think it reached a head and the players involved in making this happen where people [say], ‘I’m gonna check this out. I remember growing up and there was WCW and WWE’ or ‘I remember growing up and there was this for a territory person.

"This, I think is a really good chance to check out something different. Because it will be nothing like a WWE show. They’ve mastered what they do but they don’t have a — they don’t own pro wrestling.

"You know they own WWE, the worldwide company, but pro wrestling is everywhere. Two huge sell-outs like that says a lot about what the fans want. Hopefully, there’s a third and a fourth and hopefully it continues to keep rolling.”