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Damian Priest almost breaks character as fans chant CM Punk during his WWE Raw promo

The CM Punk chants in Chicago continued through various matches and segments on WWE Monday Night Raw including a Miz TV segment.

Damian Priest was the guest of The Miz and John Morrison this week. At one point, when Priest was talking, fans began to chant Punk’s name. According to fans at the arena, the chants were loud but they didn’t come across as loud on TV.

Priest seemed amused and almost broke character as it appeared like he was trying to remember what he was supposed to say in his promo.

The Punk chants are clearly not welcomed in WWE since it is believed that he’s on his way to AEW. It is widely believed that Punk will be debuting on AEW Rampage on August 20. That show is going to take place at the United Center in Chicago.

The Miz TV segment led to Damian Priest wrestling Sheamus and John Morrison.

You can hear the Punk chants in the clip below:

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